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Markette Rochelle had known Wayne Jones since he was young, but it was the hugs that held on too long and staring that lingered longer than comfortable which made her question his feelings all those years. Married Markette's suspicions of the lust that oozed from the young man she'd watched grow up were more than confirmed when they began to transform into her ultimate pleasure realized all over his mother Walinda’s house in a record four days of him being home from college. The innocence of Markette's relationship with Wayne was long gone and had changed into a relationship hot with unbridled ravaging and submission of control, all starting that fateful afternoon when she came by to return money to his mom. 

In Wayne’s mind, the perfect arrangement has been created, and he didn’t even have to go out looking for it. As for Markette'shusband Joshua Rochelle, he just wanted to please her. 

Standing  on the outside of Markette and Joshua Rochelle's swinging lifestyle, unsure of the rumors she's heard and unwilling to listen to the new ones involving her son and old friend, Markette, Walinda has her own oddities to protect. When Walinda Jones steps in closer for a peek inside the controversial and intriguing underworld of the Rochelles' sex life, Markette may or may not have a story to tell when all the deceit and betrayal finally comes to an end.