For whatever reason, that I have never quite figured out, people have always loved to tell me all of their secrets, what is ailing them, what breaks their hearts, what makes them happy, and what they do in their bedrooms and as far back as my I can remember I have always found myself in drama filled situations. Since I was a child people have always come up to me and poured their hearts out into my lap. The things that the people would never imagine them to feel or do, they would tell me, even adults would tell me, a little child, what kept them up at night. So after many years of this, over and over again, I have collected many interesting tales. At the same time, I always liked to write and I was always told that I am very quick witted and imaginative, spinning stories which become great books to read you must read with a cold drink and a fan. Yet, I am private, if not secretive, myself, so I am very good at holding what others share with me and not letting in those who could not hold what's dear to me to their hearts, but sometimes when I write, well some of those secrets do come out only uniquely and carefully sewn within the seams of a juicy story. 

My stories are about any average person, sexual orientation unimportant. I live in the southern region of the United States and have never lived anywhere else, so I write about people and places I am familiar with the occasional change in the region but subject matter is never ordinary. After all, I am LaDramaPrincess.

Outside of writing, I am an extremely busy mother of a preteen boy and a teenage girl.  And as far as my love life, I am in a long-term relationship with the most amazing man I have ever met! I am into fitness and seriously considering adopting a full Paleo diet, if only I could give up the dough. I love to read, talk (gossip), people watch, watch online shows, shake to Bounce Music, try new things, and reinvent myself. 

My first collection of erotic short stories, Submit to The Dark Side: Stories to Explain The Stains, features my best raunchy and racy stories with contributions by Devon Diamond and Strawberry Golden. Expect more and more to come, novellas and novels.

I Write About Your Secrets

Red hot with ample curves, Markette Rochelle is the leading lady in Swinging Submission: Deceit and Betrayal with a Mutliple Partner Twist. In this erotic novel, Markette is deep in the lifestyle of mixing partners with her husband Josh, and now she's getting down and dirty with him and her best friend's son, Wayne Jones. What goes on between consenting adults should be nobody's business, but try telling that to Wayne's mother. When it comes to Walinda Jones, Markette will find out if swinging is worth losing her life over,  but will it be too late?

Wtf is a ladramaprincess?