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How To Add A Book To Your Kindle


Here's how:

1. The easiest way on Kindle is to pull up my site's page in your KINDLE browser (probably Silk) and click the buy link that says MOBI on the homepage (or buy page here). 
2. Purchase the book on the new page that opens (you will see the cover of the book you chose, the site hosting it is GUMROAD-all purchases are secure) and it will download to your Kindle after following the prompt(s).
3. Close the browser. 
4. Go to your DOCUMENTS on your Kindle to open it. It's at the top of your screen. The last choice at the top.

Tada! That's how you buy and download a book outside of Kindle, that you found on the internet.

Tip: An app to use to open and read eBooks on your Kindle is Aldiko if you don't want to bother with your documents folder. It's free and easy. Follow all the of the previous steps to buy the book to put it in your Aldiko app. \

It's just that easy!

Further insturctions:  for Kindle download to computer->Kindle

For download to Samsung, some other brand tablet, or iPad

If you have any problems, and none of this worked, please free to hit me: la drama princ ess AT g mail Dot com (smash all of that together to email me), and I will help you. You can also find me on Facebook or Twitter